Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I enjoy hot chocolate too often.

I'm a sucker for hot chocolate, I won't lie to anyone about that.  But when I saw this new hot chocolate medium... I was astonished.  Simple concept:  put Belgian chocolate on a stick and melt it into a cup of hot milk.  Not hot water, hot milk.  Also, while stirring the choco-stick you can sneak a bite or two of the melty chocolate bits straight off the spoon/stick.  I first saw a stack of flavors in my favorite chocolate shop near my office metro stop.  
I soon found a tourist locale where one can purchase both the stick AND the hot milk at the same time.  I ventured with the Honey & Seasalt which was probably unnecessary, I should have gone with a simpler flavor.  There wasn't enough salt to cut the sweetness the honey added to the whole business.  Never the less, it was thick, creamy and a great warming treat on a cool day.  I noticed that there were also liquor based concoctions that I may try on another occasion.  As the chocolate melts it allows the liquor to flow freely into the brew.  This said, I think we need more innovation in warm chocolate beverage delivery.  Thoughts? 


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  2. I love this idea. I do a similar version, only with roasted poblano, ancho pepper and cayenne notes... I'm catching up on the last month or so. I home in Colorado - back to reality, so to speak. Hope you are well! More waffles!!

  3. catching up with your posts.. i think this is great, might have to try it some time.

    belgian chocolates are truly the best, i managed to get my hands on some last week heh.