Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spending Report Week 8

*Announcement*  I'm going to go on a weekend (instead of day) trip soonish.  Its up to you guys to determine where I'm going.  Vote in the comments on Rotterdam or Paris.  Rotterdam is supposed to have a ton of beautiful contemporary architecture where Paris is... well Paris.  *End Announcement*

Ugh, another bad week for Personal Development.  I did push ups and sit ups Monday but then stayed in the office all night Wednesday and Thursday so I slept through Friday.  I'm not doing well... I'll keep you updated, but I'm still going to push myself to finish everything.  On the other hand, I did finish a book.  This is the first book that I've started and finished while I've been here.  Sometimes I need a motivational (meaning easy to read) book to get me into a reading mood, I'm already 20% of the way through another book since finishing the last.  

Money was good this week as I spent most of my time in the office, and as a group we didn't go out but cooked in.  I decided to go out for a cool meal on Saturday, but otherwise my spending was minimal.  I'll post about that meal later this week, after the conclusion to Antwerp.

Overall:  63.36

Groceries:  27.06
Restaurant:  24.80
Miscellaneous Food:  11.50

Groceries:  This was last Sunday and this Saturday, a bunch of veggies and rice and some good protein.

Restaurant:  I went out for a lunch once with the office and then I spent 19 Euro on a cool lunch Saturday

Miscellaneous Food:  This is covering the stuff I bought to help cook dinner every day of the week.  In addition my post all nighter routine is to walk home with a Waffle from my waffle guy at Schuman.  If you don't have a waffle guy, you should get one.

That's all for the week.  Oh, almost forgot, TAX TIME.  A good friend of mine suggested TaxACT and he was right on the money (get it... money? taxes? ugh).  I paid 0$ for federal and 13.95$ for state.  I'm pretty damn happy with that versus stupid H&R Block.


  1. Rotterdam! I love Paris but I have a feeling you are more likely to go to Paris some other time. Plus it's closer, no?

    When do you start doing competitions where you give away some Belgian chocolate?

  2. Rotterdam! For two reasons. One I think you should dedicate more time to walking through Paris than a weekend.
    Two-to see Versailles and other parks when they are blooming in the spring.

  3. I'm a bit in the middle on this one but I going to put in the official vote for Rotterdam as well. As much as I would love to read some commentary on the experience in Paris, I am going to vote for the educational opportunity to learn about Rotterdam from the Expat point of view.

  4. I vote for Rotterdam too, and I agree with everyone else's reasoning. Totally boring? Sorry.

  5. Rotterdam. Save Paris for when it's nicer, or for when I live there...