Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spending Report Week 9

*Announcement* Rotterdam won, it will be the first trip though I still don't know when it's gonna happen.  I found out I can take a round trip on a bus up there for 22 Euros which is a very good price.
I've officially been in Belgium for two months today.  Brussels decided to celebrate by having a no-jacket weather weekend.  I had a day planned with a cool walking tour of a neighborhood I haven't been to:  Etterbeek.  I did something dumb though, I checked my camera after walking out of my apartment to learn that it was dead.  Thus, a good day of tourism un-documented.  I means I'm just gonna have to go back and do it again... (maybe it was a good mistake, I really enjoyed the area).
Personal Development:  Not bad, push ups and sit ups were done on schedule.  On the other hand, French... not so good.  At this point I'll chalk it up to laziness and re-plan this whole thing.  Starting Monday I'll put a tiny extra post purely to explain what I've studied on a day to day basis for french.  Maybe the daily writing commitment will help.

Spending = Good.  In fact, I brought it below last week.  I did an average mix of take in lunch and a lot of cooking for dinner.  My "celebratory" lunch today didn't break the bank either.

Overall:  57.39

Restaurant: 19.70
Groceries:  18.47
Miscellaneous Food: 15.82
Beer: 3.40

Restaurant:  This is really only two lunch days and some pizza today.  I went to a place where you order pizza by weight and had a big chunk with some nice buffala mozzarella on top (not melted).

Groceries:  The usual, I'm going to go to Gare Du Midi tomorrow (big market on Sundays) to get some good cheese and some produce to add to the week

Miscellaneous Food:  Waffles et al

Beer:  I had to celebrate St. Pattys with a few Guinness.

This was an interesting week for money though as two opposing events occurred.  #1  I got my tax return back (yay).  #2 One of the largest weekly changes in the dollar EVER (boo).  Essentially all the growth the dollar made in the first seven weeks I was here was erased on the eighth week I was here.  Luckily I pulled a bit of cash out last week so I have a reserve but if I have to pull any out soon I'll lose an extra 10 cents on the dollar UGH.

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