Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spending Report Week 6

Make sure you catch up with the last post, I wanted to make sure I put down the spending no matter what.

This week was a little high but hopefully I can amend the numbers soon.  I spent money on food and a taxi this week that may be reimbursed by the company.  The week is also a little high because I had to get myself a new metro monthly pass.  I still haven't been checked once, but I've heard its a pretty expensive ticket.  

Overall:  108.68

Transportation: 51:80
Groceries: 38.68
Restaurant: 16.80
Miscellaneous Food: 1.80

Transportation:  Hopefully I get reimbursed a portion of this for the taxi ride.

Groceries: This number is high again because I bought groceries last Sunday and this Friday do it is basically 2 weeks worth.

Restaurant:  This covers a bunch of lunch and dinner because I spent way too much time at the office.  Some should come back to me.

My first full month I spent about 860.00 Euro with rent and everything else.  I think for long term this isn't feasible.  I've learned I'm over paying for rent and if I'm to stay here longer term I'm going to need to find a much cheaper place.

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  1. I will only accept this miscellaneous food if it is waffles... or chocolate. mmmmmm