Thursday, March 19, 2009

The BIG map

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I wanted to give a little idea of where I am on the bigger map.  I've marked places I've been to in Green and places I want to go to in Red.  I don't necessarily want to go to Groningen but the first project I completed for the office was there... so I thought I'd put it on the map.  So far I've stuck to the classic Flemish travel destinations in Belgium, with Liege as a Wallonian destination.  Koln (or Cologne for the Americans) is the closest major city within a train trip into Germany.  I've marked Rotterdam and Amsterdam as my northern trips, Rotterdam first.  Then London and Paris are pretty obvious choices.  The most interesting part about this map is that the furthest place (Koln) is Two hours and twenty minutes by train.  Paris is only 1:22 but is one of the only trips you've gotta book in ADVANCE.  If you guys had voted Paris for the sooner trip I'd be outta luck as the cheapest round trip was still over 100 Euro (not worth it).  I found out if I book at least 15 days in advance I can get it closer to 60 Euro on the Thalys (super fast train).

We shall see how all this works out.  Until tomorrow!

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  1. Lauren and I have a contact in Köln if you decide to go and need a place to crash...