Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spending Report Week 7

I'm going to double up the Spending Report with the Personal Development Report from now on on Saturdays.  I think Sunday is a much better day for me to write about Tourism and such because I should be back home from any trips I take.

Push ups:  I sucked this week, I didn't actually do them Wednesday and Friday was kind of a half job.  I'm going to redo the first tier of week three to re condition myself.

Sit ups:  I'm goin strong with these, Friday was tough as the total was over 130 with all the sets together.

Language:  I'm frustrated that I again didn't go anywhere with French (the Scottish language teachers singing numbers didn't help).  I'm also frustrated with myself because I'm not making an effort to attempt to pronounce anything correctly.  I was talking to an Italian co-worker about cheese and pronounced Burrata as any American would and it took her about 10 seconds of thought to understand what I was talking about.  She kinda laughed and pronounced it in a way that made it sound pretty... I didn't even attempt correct pronunciation before hand though.  On a positive note I have been asking the store owners at my regular shops for the names of products in french and make sure to ask for it in French.  I'm still not communicating, but I'm not ignoring  anymore either.

Overall:  96.49

Stuff: 20.00
Transportation: 19.20
Miscellaneous Food: 15.59
Restaurant: 15.00
Tourism:  18.50
Beer: 7.00
Groceries: 1.20

Stuff:  I got a web-cam.  It helps a lot to see the people you miss in real time.  I'm not big on photos so the web cam was a lot more natural way to say hi to family and friends.

Transportation:  One round trip ticket to Bruges AND one round trip ticket to Antwerp (post tomorrow)

Miscellaneous Food:  I'm pretty big on waffles when I'm being a tourist, and I had two tourism days this week = a lot of waffles.

Restaurant:  I bought lunch twice this week and then got dinner while I was in Antwerp.  A toasted panini with prosciutto, cheese and tomato is 3.50 Euro at a store right around the corner from the office.  This is my go-to sandwich.  They're also pre-assembled and I don't have to think too hard about naming what I'd like in the sandwich.

Tourism:  This includes the two dumb museums in Bruges.  It also includes a ticket to the Cinema on Friday.  I went to see "Watchmen."  I would have liked to take advantage of the Belgian release date (Wednesday) but didn't' have a chance.  The theater was impressive, but I found it strange that it cost more to see the movie than take a round trip to Antwerp.

Beer:  I got a few bottles (3) from the "Bottle Shop" in Bruges.  There is some stupid number of beers there, and its usually very easy to find the Trappist and Abbey beers but a little harder to find the Lambic beers.  I should have gotten more of the Cantillon Gueuze but I thought it would be cheaper at the factory here.  

Groceries: I didn't go grocery shopping today because I was in Antwerp all day instead.  I'm going to have to go all the way to the Sunday grocery store (most aren't open).  That one purchase was a loaf of bread I got for sandwiches.

Anyway, It should be obvious that I took the planned trip to Antwerp.  I had a good time with a bunch of folk from the office.  I may actually include a picture of myself being a tourist this time around.


  1. do you plan on using the web cam for gchat? when are you getting you're medicine ball?

  2. the tourist of the day :)
    p.s.: i´ll be in the office monday or tuesday so bring the pics svp

  3. The suspense of the possibility of a fanny pack photo is killing me.