Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Another co-worker is leaving. Goodbye Liz, you leave a big American legacy behind.  I was invited by Liz to a Girl Talk show and having been to the show before, I knew it would be a good time. Brussels was nice, we went to the Botanique venue.
Now, this venue was awesome.  The show itself was in a rotunda (a big cylinder) that couldn't have been more than 40 feet across (or 12 meters for the Europeans).  This meant that the "standing room" was about as large as the stage and by the end of the show they were one and the same.  Also, I was standing in the back... and During the show Gregg Gillis (girl talk himself) decided to grace my shirt with his man sweat.  He jumped down from the stage and hopped around into me... I may never wash my shirt again I'm so honored.  Then again, I got chocolate milk on the shirt today and I don't want it to stain.
Also, instead of french tonight I'm mentally roaming around online classes.  I'm watching a class on "Introduction to Starcraft and Competitive Gaming."  Droz was right (16 years ago) when he said, "you can major in gameboy if you know how to bullshit."

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  1. Starcraft was/is glorious! Good lord, I spent probably an hour every night in seventh and eighth grade on battle.net