Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spending Report: Week 4

Numbers are up a little off the usual.

Overall:  89.90


Restaurant: 34.30
Groceries: 23.25
Beer:  11.00
Shipping: 10.90
Misc. Food: 5.45
Tourism:  5.00

Restaurant: A little high this week because of the moderately expensive appetizer sized portion of mussels that taught me that I'm still allergic to shell fish.  I also went out with the office for lunch for the first time to celebrate an all nighter (that I didn't participate in).  Finally I bought some pomme frites at a famous place on Saturday.  In accordance with a recent request, I'll save that for a comparison to a NYC Frites shop.

Groceries:  A lot of the normal stuff... nothing to add this week really.  I added some shampoo to the list also added a day where I bought peanut butter and jelly from a corner store during my lunch hour to make lunch.

Beer:  I bought a few bottles of a Lambic Beer.  There will be a post about beer soon, and you may have already read it.  I had to buy a bunch of different beers from the same brewery to make a good comparison.  During a discussion with some friends in NYC we tried to find bars that also serve the beer I purchased... I bought a few bottles for around 3 Euro a piece.  In NYC the bottles go for 12-18 dollars.  Quite a mark up.

Shipping:  I sent those chocolates out for valentines day using the normal post with great success.  It cost me a little over Ten euro to ship regular, and the package made it on Friday after being sent Monday.

Misc. Food:  Waffles and cookies... I've never had a sweet tooth like I've had here.  I found my favorite waffle stand so far.  It is very convenient, maybe too convenient.  I actually had a conversation with the owner at my metro stop, he is thinking about opening a shop in NYC after his friend graduates from Yale.  I may actually be facebook friends with him soon.  I will let you guys know if he introduces Belgian waffles to the NYC Public.

Tourism:  I went to the Cantillon Brewery and there will be photos up.  This trip was entirely worth it and there are some special people who are going to get credit for it later.

I've only gotten two emails with proper questions so far... You guys are the inspiration I have for doing a lot out of the ordinary.  Some time this week I'll answer questions but email me.  scott DOT corey AT gmail DOT com.

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