Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spending Report: Week 3

So this week I paid my rent.  This brings my number WAY up for the week.

Overall: 941.09! UGH! or 71.09 sans rent...


Rent: 870.00
Transportation: 0.00
Groceries: 26.79
Miscellaneous food: 20.05
Restaurant: 9.25

Rent:  I had to pay daily for the first 11 Days I was in the apartment and then I had to pay my first month so all in all it was a lot.  Also, my bank account wasn't fully set up so I had to pay in cash.  I will say one nice thing about the ATM's here, they give you options of what bills you want down to a 5.  

Transportation:  I just wanted to show that I spent nothing on transportation this week... This and Rent should be done for the month unless I can take a trip out of the city.

Groceries:  This number is a little high because I got some long term ingredients like Margarine and Parmigiano.  The first time I shopped I got butter, but I hate putting butter on bread and sometimes don't like it for other applications.  Margarine was NOT easy to find though and using logic to decipher the terms... not really gonna help.  I also decided to get garbage bags (the wrong ones) for the apartment.  Belgium has a crazy recycling scheme where you have 3 different color garbage bags:  White for trash, Yellow for paper and Blue for plastics.  All glass has to be taken to bins placed throughout the city.  I knew we needed bags and got Blue... even though we needed Yellow.  OH WELL.

Miscellaneous Food:  This was just things like Beer, Chocolate and Pasteis De Nata... all pretty acceptable.

Restaurant:  This number is way down, I only ate "out" twice.  One time I'll write about during a tourist blog the second is in the Office.  On Fridays someone usually cooks lunch for the office and collects about 3 Euros to gather food for the meal.  I considered it "restaurant" because I paid for cooked food.  It was very nice because it breaks up the monotony of the sandwich and it was relaxing.

Again I'll bring a call for comments.  If you don't want to comment publicly and you want to suggest a post, email me: Scott DOT Corey AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Quit wasting your money..

    I have to agree on Margarine, much better in many cases then butter. Although I don't like much else on bread then better.

    Please, post pics with your detailed analysis of food store mishaps. Additionally, it'd be fantastic if you could set up a video camera for a third person view of your extended amount of time deciphering if a certain product is what you seek. This could really make for some great British humor. Maybe Kelim would enjoy it? Now it seems I've gone to far.

  2. When is it your Friday to cook? What are you gonna make?