Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm here I'm here.

SO, I've missed two days.  In a row.  Don't worry, all is well and I'll catch up.  Friday I went out with the company and wasn't really "awake" enough to post when I returned home.  We all went out to celebrate.  Celebrate what you may ask?  Well, Friday of course.  It doesn't really have the same effect since I went to work Saturday and Sunday, but I enjoyed the night anyway.  Last night I made it home early (from work on a Saturday...), unfortunately our building had some weird Internet outage that delayed my posting until today.  Instead of trying to catch up in a few different posts I'm just gonna put up my two weekend posts (personal development & spending report) into one.  

I brought my spending WAY down this week, and it woulda gone down even further without Fridays get together.

Overall: 58.15

Restaurant: 27.80
Beer: 15.30
Miscellaneous Food: 13.55
Groceries: 1.50

Clearly restaurant and beer have gone up.  This is what happens with a super busy week, it could very well happen this week as well.  I went out to lunch more often because our office had some US visitors and it was nice to be a little social.  The only thing that went down this week is Groceries.  Basically I was a little hung over and then worked Saturday and missed my chance to do my grocery shopping.  I went today and kept it pretty low.  Then I spent some money on Sesame oil and Soy sauce to flavor up my fried rice cooking.  Overall I'd like my spending to stay this low from now on, maybe lower if I can but not soooo much on beer.  


I'll keep it short for this week.  I'm happy to report that I've followed the push ups and sit up schedule almost exactly this week.  I skipped Friday but caught up on Saturday.  In addition to my regular M-W-F schedule I added things on the "off" days.  Total for the week I ended with over 300 sit ups and over 150 push ups.  Most of the push ups were under the scheduled daily events and next week I'm on Week 3.

As for French?  I'm getting there pretty slowly.  I did about two hours of Rosetta stone which is starting to sink in a little bit and five lessons from the "coffee time."  I haven't really tried using it but I'm starting to "hear" things a little differently while I'm on the streets or in the office.

That's about it for this weekend update.  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled posting this week.  I've got one partial guest post (about POMMES FRITES) and a back tourism post or two to fill in.  I've also scheduled a trip to Rotterdam for next weekend so I should have some good content for next week.


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