Saturday, February 7, 2009

Personal Development pt. 2

I've been told that last post may have been a little over the top. There was a little more nervous energy than usual, that's because I was nervous writing the post. It isn't really very difficult to document what the City of Brussels does to me, while it is much more difficult to admit things that I am doing to myself. I imagine these posts will be few and far between, and I think most of them will have to do with my push ups and trying to fit in french lessons. The main reason I am keeping up with the personal development end of the posts at all is accountability. Making things like this public (as public as this blog is) makes me accountable... I don't want to fail but if it is a private only failure oh well.
On to lighter things: This won't count as my post for the day, this is more of an update to tell you guys I'm not going crazy. Today I'll either write about a tourism day I had last week or more about food. I'd also like to write about beer, but I need more experience first. Or both since I think I have to make up for Monday or Wednesday or something. Also, tomorrow The Big Boss Man will be in the office, so we're cramming a little for the informal meeting.