Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pushups plus

Time for the weekly mini-post.  This wasn't a great starter week, I definitely slept in a little more than I would like almost every day.  There are two causes, the first is a perfect black out shade on my one window.  The second is staying up super late calling the US to deal with some banking issues.  Oh well, I still did my Monday Wednesday Friday.  My overall goal is to do my push up and sit up schedule M-W-F and then T and Tr do supplementary stuff like the indian pus ups and maybe some cardio... but I'm pretty sure we all know that won't happen.  
According to my msword diary I followed both the 100-push ups and the 200-sit ups schedule perfectly.  Sit Ups:  M-18 W-25 F-38.  I recognize this is a small number, but there's no reason to rush into something.  Moving slowly helps me see that its not so hard and I don't get frustrated with it.  I didn't really feel much Monday, but Wednesday I noted that I felt I was doing them correctly.  I'm still feeling a little bit from my Friday session, so I'm excited to start up again Monday.  I didn't work on breathing or my break times yet because it was a low number but I will need the correct break starting soon.  Push Ups:  M-28 W-43 F-51.  This wasn't hard, like I mentioned in the first post about push ups, I need to get back into the rhythm.  Friday I did the normal sets, but in the fifth set they tell you to do as many as you can with a minimum.  I think the minimum was around six and I decided to see what I could do and went for twenty straight.  This isn't my max number, right now I can probably do twenty eight to thirty in a row but it is a good start.  
Like I said at the beginning, I didn't wake up as early as I wanted but before the end of every day I accomplished what I aimed for.  This is a good start for the following weeks.  The image at the top of this post is a hint about the weekend post.  If I am sober enough before I go to sleep I'll try to write it up.  Otherwise, everyone enjoy their Valentines Day;  I'm gonna go cook a romantic meal for one.

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