Monday, February 16, 2009

Going out with the office

This may not be much of a post, but I thought I would cover some of the social events we have in the office.  This is not to say that we have social events beyond the office, all social events are within or related to office business.  This is usually the only reason I will not eat lunch or dinner prepared by myself.  There are two kinds of eating events:  IN office and OUT but the most fun events are within the office.  I've been around for two full meals and a lunchtime snack.  
On Fridays in the office we've had two meals prepared by our own staff.  I will get a mass email asking who's interested in lunch and for a donation of three euro.  Following this one of my co-workers made some couscous with pesto with some good veggies a fruit salad and bread.I will always spend three euro for a meal like this.  Another day we had "poisson puttanesca" which is a take on an Italian dish with a lot of tomato and olives baked with some fish.  I don't often go out for lunch because I don't' want to spend the money, but it is a lot of fun to have lunch in the office.  For a snack one day someone actually made Crepes with brown sugar and lemon.  This stuff was all very good for morale during a tough week.  Finally to break things up a bit we celebrate each Friday with FRIDAY BEER or wine... this is when I get to try the worst beer in Belgium and work at the same time.  I have actually gone out to lunch and dinner once with the group to celebrate the finish out a big deadline.
One more social event that wasn't food related but still a lot of fun was a valentines day prank.  Some of the employees that have been around for a little while thought it would be fun to pull a prank on the Copenhagen office and one of the dorky, awkward employees.  Every single person in the office was "required" to create a loving valentine and mail it to this employee in Denmark.  I spent my time writing semi-erotic Haiku's for a few of my co workers cards.  My prized piece of niche writing was based on a card someone made with some dinosaur cookies:

In the Ancient Past
A horny Triceratops
Primal Love and Lust

This is how we show our love to our sister office.

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