Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Critical Updates

Instead of writing a true update tonight (I had some ideas but got in late) I thought I'd upload some proper pictures and maybe a link or two.  On the right hand side --->  You should notice I've moved and added things since the beginning.  I thought it would be nice for you guys to follow the Euro and Dollar with me and see how much it changes on a daily basis.  Also, you can be a voyeur and check up on what the elements are doing to me hour by hour... I guess that's only if I happen to be outside.  I also added a link to my Picassa photo albums that I've finally gotten around to uploading.  I will usually keep that as the link to the latest days album, you can navigate around and find the rest of the photos in there if you'd like.  Sooner or later I'll also re-link all the old photos in the blog so you can click to larger, more visible images.  
Next, some links.  I was asked by many people (or just my mom...) to put up some links that I follow for the math and push ups etc.  The math simple:  http://www.freemathworksheets.org/  Go through it start to, chapter 4 or 5 or whatever.  I think I only made it to chapter 7 but its more important to read the early chapters than the later ones, this also means reading the introduction.  Next:  Push Ups: http://www.hundredpushups.com/  That's pretty easy, same with Sit Ups:  http://www.twohundredsitups.com/  Duh.

That's all for maintenance, I've gotta learn a little HTML so I can make those links look better next time.  UPCOMING:  Cooking, Multi-culturalism... Tourism and The Metro pt2.

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  1. Scott~ Just caught up with all of your trappings and enjoyed them very much. I too, am on a regimented daily plan - all centered around writing the blog! Cell phones, push-ups, mussels and waffles - and you are working 70 hours a week! You're a busy expat... Hope all is well. Let me know when you are ready for foie gras. I have it everyday. Yes, I said everyday.