Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work... Day 1

So I made it through my first day.  No worries, just the first of many 12 hour days I imagine.  They believe in teaching through doing... which is a cliche that works pretty much everywhere.  I was tossed onto a project and had to take charge of the entire digital site model.  It wasn't a bad days work, and everyone on the project team had some say in different portions of the project.  I liked how included everyone was in the process.  I also had some fun new intern jobs, like building boxes for transporting mail.

A few nice things about this place.  No one has a computer.  This is because there is a locker full of laptops.  Every morning you come into the office, grab a laptop from the locker, find a seat at a team table and start your days work.  No personal physical space, no personal digital space... I actually liked it.  There was also some computer trading through out the day, at one point someone didn't have rhino and another didn't have illustrator.  There the trade comes in. 

I meet my boss for the first time Wednesday morning... 8:15 AM.  Oh yea, he's not around too much and my project team was scheduled for the first slot out of his two hours.  We also have to go through a process of documenting all the physical and digital work done at the end of each and every day to send to him so he has an idea of whats going on.

There is a well used coffee machine... but no waffle vendor near by.


  1. so you posted this at 2am? sounds like you're in for a good time... no screen shots?

  2. The laptop sharing is fantastic. I wouldn't be to keen on the lack of personal space. And yea, at least get us some screen shots....

  3. Rhino? Screen shots? Huh? I'm just in it for the food - Belgian Chocolate rocks! Belgian Frites are wicked! Belgian Waffles are a major food group! So, I don't see any problems at all... Love the "Scott Speaks No Flemish" idea -could be a B movie title. Hope all is well and the sun comes out soon. I'll do the :Scandanaavian Blog soon... Peace.