Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very important news!

WAFFLES!  I'm convinced Brussels has designed its street food to make people fat... which apparently doesn't work on Europeans but Americans beware.  The three big street foods:

1. Waffles, I wish I could do justice to true Belgian waffles.  They are unlike any waffle I have had.  They are very airy but crisp.  I imagine the batter has quite a bit of sugar because when you chew these waffles it has a caramel stickiness to it.  They also dip them in chocolate... ridiculous.

2. Pomme Frites, "french" fries I've been told are actually of Belgian origin.  To be safe, continue calling them Freedom Fries.  I don't have much to say about these just yet as my original studies have been purely in waffledom.  I will note that there is usually a large variety of sauces and fun little forks involved.

3. Chocolate.  I guess its not really street food, but in the pedestrian areas its not uncommon to be 3 chocolate shops in a row, all filled. I'm not entirely sure if I may have been in some special "chocolate shop area,"  it was absurd never the less.  I avoided these for now but when I attempt to enter a chocolate shop, I will tell the tale.

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