Friday, January 30, 2009


I haven't fully explored the outer reaches of the Metro lines, but I can explain some of the nuances of the Belgian metro that I've learned.  The first is the ticketing system, since almost every city I've been in has some variation.  Brussels uses the "trust" and stamp method.  You can buy a ticket and put it in a machine where it stamps it with the time.  You then have a period of time (between an hour and 90 minutes... depending on who you talk to) that you can travel on any public transportation.  There are either three or four main lines, but the majority of the time you'll only use three (or two).
Brussels is a radial city (think a bicycle wheel with everything aiming towards the center), so one subway line rings around center city.  The two other main lines actually converge through the majority of the center city going east-west.  Once they pass the edge of center city they separate and head out in different directions.  My favorite part about the subway so far is the timing map.  In each station there is a map that shows the location (and time estimate) of all the trains on the lines.  You can run down the stairs and see that 2 trains are coming... the A train will be here in 4 minutes the B train will be here in 9 minutes.  
My exploration out to the Atomium took me the furthest out to the grounds for the '52 Worlds Fair.  I didn't spend any time going to the huge spanning warehouse sized museums of the exhibits or "Europe land."  Europe land is a miniature sized map of Europe for children that has small replicas of popular landmarks (from the 50's) in the major cities.  I thought I'd include a little more on the Atomium since the waffle may have obscured its true beauty.  The second photograph is taken on the escalator going through one of the connective tubes.  That was probably the most interesting part.  Unfortunately the restaurant at the top was like 20 Euro per dish... with a meal consisting of 2-3 dishes.  Its kinda like being offered Steak au Poivre as the ferris wheel comes around to the top of the circle. 

Anyway... I'm getting a little more used to 12 hour days.  #4 is done with #5 most likely on its way.  I'm not sure what I'll write about tomorrow, maybe suggestions?  Questions? Email me... Scott DOT Corey AT Gmail DOT com.  (I've heard if you include your real email address in these things your spam will increase even MORE than usual)


  1. as a previous co-worker of yours, I'd like to read more about your new ones - first impressions, any babes, etc...

  2. Nothing seems as crazy as the Argentine metro... anyways- I want to see more pictures, and I want a waffle. I'm glad that it is going well and I'm looking forward to reading your blog and staying updated.

  3. i want shots of jds and you with your roommates