Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Weather

It isn't great.  I took that on a day where the 10 day forecast looked the BEST.  I'm getting pretty excited about even the Mostly Cloudy Days, and the Partially Cloudy... I may just go to the beach.  Oh, and 4-6 C is actually pretty nice.  Leaving 5-25 F in NYC is never a bad thing.

It seems like it rains every day, and I've been told that's usual.  I've come to accept that.  The bad days are the ones that have wind in addition to the rain.  I bought an umbrella my first day, only for it to be destroyed by wind my second day.  Back to the drawing board.  Today I saw the sun for the first time, which was amazing and it made me feel great.  Seeing so little of the sun means when it comes out the day is that much better!

Oh, and the sun... We get one hour less sun every day.  Unfortunately this extra hour is in the morning which makes for a very difficult time waking up.  I'm pretty sure the sun doesn't come up until 8:15... which means I want to sleep in every day.  Work comes Monday, so lets hope I can start waking up early.

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