Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do I do?

I thought maybe I should finally talk specifically about some of the work I'm doing.  I've avoided talking and showing the work I've done up until now because of the starting exhibition date of the work:  Tomorrow.  Now I can show you guys what I worked on for the first month of my time in the office.  I'll explain it a bit tomorrow, but for now just pictures.  Most of the drawings I had a very direct relationship with .  IE there was a team of three for the majority of the project, and a team of four for the final night of work.  Only two of us were permanent fixtures in the project.  I took photos of the recently completed model, but took no part in building it.  My computer model was used to build the physical, but the whole thing was done by the BXL model building team: Congratulations guys, you did a great job.  If you happen to be reading from northern Holland... you can go see the exhibition opening tomorrow.


  1. looking very neat, wouldn't mind seeing a higher-res version.

  2. yo! ça va?
    hey man can you send me the pics from the model so i can use them in the portfolio? it would be awsome!